Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Chex Mix

There are a few things in life that I am 100% positive about and one of them is that my husband makes the best, absolute BEST, Chex Mix I have ever tasted. Why is he so good? I have no idea because he won't tell me the "recipe." He won't even start making it until I am out of the kitchen. His Chex Mix only makes an appearance a few times a year and it's usually about Thanksgiving and Christmas so when he started talking about making it for Easter at his Auntie Susie's I knew he had to make it. But he likes to tease me with it and then says "I'm retired from making it." This doesn't fly with a 18 week pregnant wife who now has a craving for his signature recipe. So, what would any wife do? I gave him an ultimatum. He had 2 choices. To make the Chex Mix or to write me an apology letter (handwritten) for even mentioning the idea. Because he is a wise husband he immediately went to the store and stocked up on what he needed. A few hours later (yes hours, he makes me wait while it settles before I can eat it) it was done and I could begin to stuff my face. 

Unfortunately, I have no recipe to share. I can't even share the ingredients because he always adds something new to it. This time he added sesame sticks (I'm not a fan but I would never dare complain about this to him.) All I have to share is a picture of the goodness that I am enjoying. And yes, Auntie Susie we are bringing some to your house. We are just keeping the bigger bowl at our house! 

And YES I would have made him write me a letter! I believe he has learned his lesson but he has especially proven that he is the BEST Chex Mix Maker in the world and the BEST Husband ever as well! 

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