Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recipe help

We have officially hit 30 weeks of pregnancy! So far, it has been a blessing, an emotional roller coaster, painFUL, painLEss, but most of all the biggest delight of my life. I don't blog for Andy but I believe I can speak for him and say that he agrees (I'm sure he's waiting for the emotional part to be done!)

Although, I have (hopefully) 10 weeks to go I realized today that the end is near and felt a twinge of sadness. Don't get me wrong, I am excited beyond excited for her to get her, but I have LOVED being pregnant. I knock on wood when I speak like this because, after all, I do have 10 weeks left!

Here is where I need help. As you all know, I'm a planner. A serious planner. I don't like the phrase "on a whim" that's how much of an organized, control freak I am. However, the one thing I do not plan well is dinner. I start thinking about dinner at about 3:00 pm every day. And 98% of the time what I want is in the freezer and I'm not home until after 6 and am extremely hungry. Like 30 weeks pregnant hungry! I realize I need help in this department.

Here is my plea for help. I need recipes. Recipes that I can make now, freeze, and enjoy after we have this bambina. Here are the rules:
1. I can cook so I'm up for a challenge. Don't take it easy on me!
2. It must be yummy!
3. It must be able to be frozen.
4. That's it.

Either email me the recipe or better yet, post it in the comments below so we can all enjoy. My plan is to start cooking this weekend so I will be able to post the process along the way.

Also, if you are not a "follower" of my blog please join in on the fun! On the right hand side of this page there will be a "follow" button. Go ahead and click it and follow the directions. It's easy and, honestly, I want to see my numbers rise!

Thanks in advance! Here's a pic to satisfy all of you bump watchers! Please forgive my "mirror" pictures. I always remember to take them when Andy isn't home!

Oh yeah one final laugh. Here is a belly shot I took this weekend while I was fighting off a bug in Door County. I wasn't feeling pretty but I was definitely feeling pregnant so it's the last belly shot for today!


  1. I have no recipes to share with you since I am not too savy in the kitchen (but I try really hard). I just can't believe you are 30 weeks and looking so fantastic! I was ENORMOUS at that point! I am glad you are enjoying being pregnant so much!

  2. I TOTALLY get the organization thing! My sister-in-law is expecting and I have all kinds of plans to head over there in October to get her a freezer full of food to last through winter and the baby's first few months!!

    Make up a couple pans of lasagna (uncooked) and toss in the can bake it straight from the oven. I cheat and don't even cook my noodles. SUPER easy that way!

    What about soup? September is technically NOT that far away. Prepare soup chicken noodle & chili (without the noodles), freeze, and just cook up the noodles when you are ready to eat!

    There is a chicken pot pie recipe on my blog. I made a couple "mini" single servings and froze before baking. They turned out well.

    Freeze some cooked ground beef (plain or as BBQ, taco meat, meatballs, etc).

    Oh! The chicken meatballs on my blog freeze well and you can use them for a sandwich, plain, with potatoes & gravy. ENDLESS possibilities.

    And make sure you freeze some cookies! Balls to bake when you want or bake the cookies and freeze them already made.

    If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!!

  3. Holly,

    The website you gave me is perfect! I am busy preparing my shopping list! I've already sent the hubby out on a grocery store mission to get me ready for my cooking adventure!